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Joseph M Neal Elementary School8

Las Vegas, NV | Clark County


January 10, 2015

My son is in full day kindergarten and his teacher is amazing! He has learned so much. The teacher is very organized and stays in touch with me so that I can continue the teachings at home. I hope to continue his education here and anticipate our other children's starting at Joseph Neal next year! Would highly recommend this school!

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July 15, 2014

Love this school and all of the amazing teachers! We have two enrolled this year and one that just graduated to Jr. High.

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August 16, 2013

I Absolutely LOVE this school. I moved from Iowa about 2 years ago and was very concerned that I would be able to find as good of a school as back in the Midwest. Myoldest son previously attended 2 other schools the first year here in Vegas and they were not the best. 2 school was inconsiderate and the staff was horrible. The second school was average but did not really do anything for my son. We moved in 2012 and my boys had to change schools. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! My boys had really good teachers. Mr.Meyers was really good teacher with great communication skills and whenever me or my husband had a concern he would go above and beyond to ensure it was addressed as well as resolved. My youngest also had a great kindergarten teacher Miss. Dingle. Such a great teacher as well friendly and great with the kids. Love that I was able to decide on if I wanted single gender classes for my boys which honestly helped my oldest concentrate in school. As of right now honestly I do not have a complaint. Hope it stays the same this new school year.

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May 5, 2012

Teacher satisfaction has been low since Mrs. Murray came to JNES due to rules and limitations placed on them. Overall, the school is becoming more disjointed than it was before she took over. However, the teachers are still dedicated to the students; yes, they have no freedom to make their own decisions, but they still have heart when it comes to teaching the kids. The teacers ARE great- just not her "reorganization." On a positive note, Mrs. Murray does encourage the kids to be their best, and morning ceremony is a shining example of what she is doing right. I think parents, students and teachers would take her more seriously if she was less rule oriented (so many ridiculous rules! Choose your battles!) and more genuine towards the kids. Most of the time it seems like she does not know how to truly connect to the kids; every time she speaks to a student, whether she means to or not, it comes across in a very condescending manner and seems like a lecture. What is lacking is her connection just not with her teachers, but with the kids; it is that connection that makes for a great school. Is JNES a good school? Yes. A great school? Not there yet, but I am still crossing my fingers.

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May 4, 2012

Mrs. MURRY ~ FAILED! In the 7 years I have been associated with Neal Elementary. We have witnessed the total unraveling of everything positive in this school since Mrs MURRY has become the principle. Her leadership style is simple but effective. Divide and concur, passive aggressive. She has undermined every aspect of community within this school. There is no community. But there is definitely an agenda. Everything from Morning openings, PTSO, Student Council, Open House, and Holiday events have become dreaded events that no one is excited about. No one volunteers more than twice, not to mention don't do anything that draws attention to you, if it's negative, Mrs Murry will make an example out of you, and if you do something and it's positive, well, lets just say "no good deed goes unpunished" Lay your ear to the ground, and all you can hear from 95% of the teachers is bickering amongst each other, and their fear of upsetting Mrs Murry at all costs. This truly has become an institution of dysfunction.

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February 24, 2012

My son has been a student at Neal for 3 years. We are very happy with the teachers he has had and the class sizes. Mrs. Murray is a great principal - she is enthusiastic and I love the morning sunrise ceremony!

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August 28, 2011

My son went here last year 2010-2011 for Kindergarten and he had a great teacher, I love the uniforms, it makes it so much easier on the kids and the parent. I love how structured this school is. I believe this is a school that truly prepares kids for life after school, and teaches them how to be professional and kind to others, and having pride in our country.

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March 9, 2010

My kids have been with Neal since 2003 and I have seen lots of changes. SInce Mrs. Murray has taken over as principle I think things have goone down hill. On top of the huge expense I pay to provide uniforms form my kids she has forced single-gender classes on the school. She cares more about appearances than education. Mrs Murray does not allow kids to fail even if they don't make the grade. My son was pushed through to middle school and is suffering because they wouldn't hold him back. The reason is because it makes her look bad and they lose funding if they fail students. I'm moving my daughter out of this school. she was doing great in a private school then we moved her here and she is failing and is unhappy.

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July 29, 2004

My children have been at this school since the year it opened and have had nothing but wonderful experiences. Mrs. Douglass and her staff get to know not only the children but the parents as well and keep us all informed of all events. Every teacher my children have had has been wonderful. They understand the needs of my GATE children and truly take interest in their well being. We are moving out of Las Vegas soon, and my deepest regret is that my youngest son will not be able to finish his schooling in this wonderful facility. Thank you to all the staff. Anyone who has their children in your school will be blessed beyond their wildest imagination. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!

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October 6, 2003

I love the morning ceremony and the fact that the Pledge of Allegiance is part of that ceremony, But my gifted child has lost some of his confidence over the past 2 years because he's been told too much to be quiet and not really acknowledged or redirected. He also was a disciplined intrinsic learner before the 1st grade. Now he wants to know what he'll get if he does his homework or gets good grades. I think that teachers are missing the boat when it comes to rewarding our children with too much stuff. They should focus on 'How does it feel to get good grades or not do so well?'.

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August 11, 2003

I wanted to add a comment. I would like to thank this principal and her staff. My children have had wonderful experiences at this school. I love the Life Skill program for the children. The school, itself has a warm and inviting feel to it. The office staff is friendly and helpful. Mrs. Douglass has brought outstanding teachers to this school. They care so much for our children. My children's teachers have all been remarkable. I feel that they have given their best effortsto teach my children. I also like the 9 month school year because I enjoy the time off with my children. -A grateful parent

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June 7, 2003

While the principle has the students at the fore front of her concern, I was not pleased with some of the choices she has made with teachers (being a teacher myself, I know some of the staff pretty well). I was also displeased with her choices concerning some of the students parents. I cannot comment on any of the incidents that concerned me, but I did pull my kids out of the school as a result.

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